If not for You Bob Dylan

DIf not for you

GBabe, I coDuldn't find the door

GCouldn't even Dsee the floor

GI'd be sad and fisblue

Babe,e if not for yDou

GIf not for yDou

GBabe I'd lie Dawake at night

Gwaitin for the Dmorning light

Gto shine in fisthrough

e But it would not befis new e If not for yDou.


GIf not for you my Dsky would fall

ARain would gather Dtoo

Gwithout your love I'd be Dnowhere at all

EOh what would I Ado if not for Gyou

fis e A G fis e D G D

If not for you
Winter would have no spring
Couldnt hear the robin sing
I just wouldnt have a clue
Anyway it wouldnt ring true
If not for you

If not for you
If not for you

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