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A hero for one day Dj Otzi

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Keep on dreaming – keep reaching for the stars
Feel the power – it’s deep inside your heart
It’s such a long way to the top
But when you’re half way there
Nothing should ever make you stop
You’ve learned your lesson
You should take your share

A hero for one day
The dream will always stay
You better live it
A hero for one night
You gonna win the fight
Keep the faith and blow your doubts a way
A hero for one day

There are mountains – very hard to climb
There are treasures – very hard to find
There may be many stepping stones
You stumble and you fall
You gotta stand up on your own

You better face it – keep on walkin’ tall


Keep your fire burnin’
Spread your wings to make you fly
Tables will be turnin’ if you try


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