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Dark Erotica Galadriel

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Be my dark angel tonight
 Transfer me through your blazing passion
 With deep shadows in your face
 I'm resigned to your erotic fantasy

 I feel the galactic hurricanes
 Deep inside your temple of your ecstasy

 There's the night of our sins falling
 When the suffering brings me the delight
 When your body is forcible as cosmos
 When your snivel is crying of Lucifer

 Thousand years can exist these moments
 It's not enough for my desires
 I want to taste every piece of you
 Loving you, oh, never-ending

 I feel your instincts to feed by me
 To drown in my infinity
 I feel your sigh at my breast
 And your arms at all my skin

 Dragon's claws struggle to my blood
 You rise naked over me like a sphinx
 Like a gods of atrocity in us
 I feel you all around me

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