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Dreaming Memories Galadriel

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We are standing here together, hand in hand we're looking at sunset
 We are so stronger, when we're dreaming under moonlight night
 Through the land of sunshine flying in the days of raining pain
 The touch of your hand I can feel like kiss of butterfly

 We can hear that deep in silence, horizon has faced the twilight sky
 Under the desire, we'll be dreaming under breeze of night
 We don't care what's happen, we just can remember our name
 The sun started the morning, dreaming memories flies away

 Take my hand and we will return to that land
 And then I'll see the beauty of your face

 Every night I see that land somewhere in the past of me
 That's my secret hiding place before this reality

 Morning comes and clouds are heavy
 Raining drops are flowing down my face
 I can't find back the way to my dreaming memories

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