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Missa Atropos Gazpacho

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Eggshell dome
With the greenest grass
Here inside
The seat of power
Can’t get out of here
As its drawing near
You can’t love a stranger

As the early warning awaits you
Transform the morning light
There’s something on the dirty red horizon
Can’t be erased

You can’t believe it
You go on
You spit out words
Like you mean them
You’ve never believed it
You go on draining the fountain
You’ve wasted so long and
Now she’s a stain across the sky

The water is climbing
In here is only me
The road is turning
Her eyes are glazed and green

Your life was silver ribboned
And your love was like a shroud
The world is full of answers
Can you forget somehow?

It was clothes without a person inside
Just flesh and bone with a diamond ring
A machine with a set of keys
And the dome where I keep my dream
Wasn’t meant for you to ever see
So I trusted the queen of spades
And lost it all, lost it all indeed

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