Foreigner's God Hozier

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

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c She moB ves with shaDismeless woGisnder
TheB perfect crec ature rDisarely Gisseen
Sc ince some B lie I brg ought the thGisunder
Wheng the lGisand was goB dless anDisd free

Her eyes look sharp and steady
Into the empty parts of me
But still my heart is heavy
With the hate of some other man's beliefs

g   Gis Always a well dressed g for Gis  
Who wouldn't spare the wrong g    Gis  
Never for mB

Scc reaming the nDisame
Of a forGiseigner’s DisGod x3
The Gispurest exprB ession of Disgrief

Wondering who I copy
Mustering some tender charm
She feels no control of her body
She feels no safety in my arms

I've no language left to say it
But all I do is quake to her
Breaking if I try convey it
The broken love I make to her

All that I've been taught
And every word I've got
Is foreign to me

Screaming the name of a foreigner's God x3
The purest expression of grief

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