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I'd be the d voice that urged Orpheus
When her B body was d found
FHey B yeah A    d   
I'd be thed choiceless hope in grief
That drove B him unded rground
FHey B yeah A    d   
I'd be the d dreadful need in the devotee
That B made him turn ad round
FHey B yeah A    d   
And I'd be the id mmediate forgiveness
In B Eurydice  d   
Imagine being loved by me

D  I B won't Fdeny I'veg got in my mindF ng ow (Hey,d yeah)
All the things I Awould d do
So I d try to B talk refiFned
For g fear that you finFd g out (Hey, yeah)
d How I'm imagining you

I'd be the last shred of truth
In the lost myth of true love
Hey yeah
I'd be the sweet feeling of release
Mankind now dreams of
Hey yeah
That's found in the last witness before the wave hits
Marvelling at God
Hey yeah
Before he feels alone one final time
And marries the sea
Imagine being loved by me

I won't deny I've got in my mind now (Hey, yeah)
All the things I would do
So I try to talk refined
For fear that you find out (Hey, yeah)
How I'm imagining you x2

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