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Snowdancing Immortal

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 Possesses my soul.
 I am slipping
 On the snow.
 My blue heart
 Is white with horror.
 My sweet dream's
 A dream of sorrow.
 I wish
 I were not an owl -
 Keen and strong
 Until the dawn.
 My fear
 Will disappear
 When I know
 That the night is near.
 But I'm shot
 By a fatal arrow,
 A sniggering gnome's
 Caught in the snow.
 He's sneering me down,
 His mind snow-bound,
 He is my lot,
 A snake in the snow.
 His smouldering soul's
 Smothering my hope.
 Smiting me with horror
 He's getting in my road.
 But still snowdancing
 Is everywhere around.
 The snow's falling down,
 It's touching the ground.
 It reigns in the world,
 It's whirling about.
 It's reinless like a wild horse,
 It's soft as down.
 It says:
 "I'm so close,
 But you cannot see me,
 You hear my coming
 While your body's dreaming..."

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