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I Think I'm Ready Katy Perry

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I'm used to opening my own doors
 and splittin' the checks
 he introduced me was always just the friend
 i bought a new dress
 he never noticed

 Always fallen for these bad boys
 such a challenge
 I'm getting tired
 of cleaning up after them
 i think im ready to be a woman
 oh love i think im ready
 ready for it

 You were such a suprise
 an unexpected gift
 said i was pretty
 and i believed it
 not really used to all this attention

 told myself i don't deserve you
 and this is just a phase
 could i get used to
 being loved the right way
 i wanna argue but there is nothing to say
 oh love i think im ready, ready for it(i think im ready)
 ready for it
 oh love i think im ready

 Cuz you send me flowers
 when theres no occasion
 yeah, we talk for hours
 you still want to listen
 wont hold it against me
 if i just need you to hold me tonight

 My mother always told me
 that you'd show up one day
 so scared to feel this way
 but love i think im ready,
 ready for it (ready for it)
 ooooo love i think im ready,
 ready for it (ready for it)
 oh love i think im ready

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