Friend Natalia Przybysz

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Hello my friend
I found You
This pain from my heart
I knew it had to be You
Hello my friend
What can I do for You?
Hey, You look so good
I'm proud of You

You;re my friend of my soul
My friend of my soul- my closest one
You've been my lover for long
I've seen others but
Your touch brings me home

I know Your face
Sometimes it's hard to bare
The same fire that keeps You warm
Can burn down Your house
and tear Your clothes
You told me the precious thing:
"To build and destroy can be act of love"

You clear my eyes of tears
sometimes and show me
way outside the box.
I see Your face when you embarace me
with the wave of sadness
I lost my tribe and You remind me
all the precious legends
Of how I ran across the sky
with roots deep in the ground
Into the edge of time.

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