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Into The Future Rockie Fresh

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[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
I tell my niggas
Anything is possible, impossible is nothing
I mean look at the dough we getting, I mean look at these hoes we fucking
I know this shit can get better
Workin' hard, tryna put myself together
And tell the world that im ready for whatever
Finna hit the jackpot, I got my hand on the lever
Going down, gotta let that bitch boom
New condo, walk in, 6 rooms
Feelin' good but that shit got a sick view
If your nigga on the track, should probably get a kit crew
You don't think I'm Uno, skip you
You ain't got it like me, cause your bitch do
Talking shit about me, I heard thats a bitch move
Thats another thing a real nigga getting through, gone

[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
I just hope it all ends well
The swag stories my friends tell
This train wreck that we inhale
Got me feelin' unstoppable like Denzel
Anyone, make a nigga get more bucks, more gold, more hoes
Got more trucks, ha
Throw the De Lorean doors up
Pretty chick watching me hop out
You're fucked!
Man, these wild girls love chill
Like these fake niggas love real
But hated at the very same time
They say ain't fucking with it
So they trippin online
Shit, I could be outta my mind
But its lookin real smooth
These nigga pay for pussy
I'm just trying pay dues
I dont ever make excuses homie
I just make moves, yeah

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