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Wakacyjny Konkurs Śpiewnikowy
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I Was Only Joking Rod Stewart

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A                  A7   
Ever since I was a kid at school
A7                   D
I messed around with all the rules
d                A                E              A
Apologized then realized I'm not different after all
                         A7            A7         D
Me & the boys thought we had it sussed Valentinos all of us
d                       A            E                  A
My dad said we looked rediculous but boy we broke some hearts

                    A7         A7               D
In and out of jobs runnin free wagin war with society
d                       A            E            A
Some blank faces stare back at me & nothin ever changed
                     A7                A7                     D
Promises made in the heat of the night creepin home before it got too light
d                   A                 E               A
I wasted all that precious time and blamed it on the wine

  A          D  E         A
  I was only jo-king  my dear (my dear)
                D      E        A
  Looking for a way to hide my fear (my fear)
               D  E      A
  What kind of fo-ol was I (was I)
  I could never win (never win)      ......riff

A              A7        A7                    D
Never found a comprimise collected lovers like butterflies
d                  A               E            A
Illusions of that grand first prize are slowly wasted
                    A7         A7             D
Suzie baby you were good to me givin' love unselfishly
d                        A
But you took it all too seriously
E                 A
I guess it had to end

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