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Keep me, here up on top of the mountains.
far away from all distress, far away from all distress.
save me, free me from all these distractions.
violence filled interactions. save me,
but keep me awake.

I can't seem to find a place to fit into without all these lies. I can't even argue and to tell you the truth
now that I've wondered throughout all these cities, through bright white street lights even thought they're so pretty,
I just can't believe you.

(and when i'm alone, please just pick up the phone)
you'll feel better once you come back home
we'll say just forget about all of the things you can't save.
(take a ride out of town)
find some place you can call your own, find yourself a new home.
(cause i;m wondering now and how i'll get by)
where you're never alone.
(just keep wishing that something would change in my life)
go ahead, run away.
try to find myself and take a chance.

cause the roads that we take can confine us or set us free.
make your path, don't you break. Just need to get away.
and you've been so tied up with your life take a break from it.
or you won't last.


i'll give you my trust, please don't break it.

hiding from all the things, i can't help but be scared.
leaving now starting fresh, hoping i come prepared.
say the words and i'll try, finding faith in their lies.
don't give up to my word, come on just let me know.
trying hard to be brave, but you just run away.
some things just never change, don't you dare be afraid.
pack your things, leave this town, reminisce for awhile.
but we'll never go home.



i'll give you my trust, please don't ever break it

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