Little Girl The Yankees

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AI am so lonely
A+Oh, so lonely
DSince you went EawaE+y     E 

ALittle gfisirl, wDhy must we Ebe parted
ALittle gfisirl, ID'm so bErokenhearted
ANow don't you kA+now (now don't you know)
DI still ldove you so
ALittle fisgirl come back to h7me   E 

ALittle fisgirl, ID'm so sEad and loney
ALittle gfisirl, yDou where the oEne and only
AGirl for A+me (the girl for me)
DWhy can't you sdee
ALittle fisgirl say you'll be ch7oming Ehome to Ame (Little girl Dcome back to Ame)

DSo many days I've cried and I've been wondering why
AWhy you left me on my own
DSo if you hear my prayer and if you really care
HLittle girl please come hEome

AOh, little fisgirl, pDlease come bEack to me
ALittle fisgirl, aDnd end my Emisery
ANow I'm so bA+lue (Now I'm so blue)
DCan't stop tdhinking about you
ALittle gfisirl don't treat me this h7way E 

AOh little fisgirl        D      E 
AMy little fisgirl        D       E 
ADon't you kA+now (Now don't know)
DI still dlove you so
ALittle fisgirl say you'll be h7coming hEome to Ame
DLittle gdirl      A 

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