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Soon I’m gonna marry a man like no other
Light the fuse, hallelujah, hallelujah
Love, love is the warmest colour
Petrol blues, hallelujah, hallelujah
Comes, saut dans le vide, my lover
In my youth the greatest tide washed up my prize
Follow, let him go, let him lead me be
Love is a pharaoh, and in front of me
I thought let him be where he want to be
Love is a pharaoh and he’s boning me
I’ve discovered a man like no other man
I’ve found a love to love like no other can
He’s found me, my Aslan
Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama
Marry a man like no other
Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama
Love is the warmest colour
Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama
Unpin your butterflies, Russia
Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama
To be a deer in Nara
Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama

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