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[Irv Gotti]
We interrupt this program
Of the beautiful world of Ashanti Chapter 2
To bring you to the streets
According to Black Child

[Black Child]
Yo, yo, yo
Let's getit together
United ghettos of America
Gangsta's across the world
And them sick n****z are scared of us
We're blacks in the area
There's more than six hundred
Quarter to eights, with pretty women getting
It's a few fourths and fifths
Cos it's ??? in numbers
It's a hundred and eighty seven degrees this summer
We the meanin' of leanin'
Spittin' hot sixteens
Pushin' the rock on top
You can't stop my cream
It starts in the hard I'm in the heart of Queens holla
Murder Inc. doing their thing regardless
One, two and gangsta's anthem
A ball city hustler, young black and handsome
Black Child always keep his hands on his
Millions on my mind, with grands for my grandson
Understandin' he always keep the canon
You can ??? and get help from ???
Murder, yeah, y'all know it y'all
It's murda yeah, the street knowin y'all
It's murda, uh huh, the world knows it y'all
It's murda, uh huh, it's murda yeah
Word to God, it's murda for life, you heard
It's Black Child, soldiers story comin' right after this
No, I.G. let's proceed to break 'em off
With some of thar princess gangsta-ness
Huh, murda

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