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I'm focus now
I'm focus now

[Zwrotka 1]
He use to touch me, love me,
hug me,kiss me, Hold me everyday
I never thought that I'd be finding out
That you gave your love away
Now how do you expect for me to stay, wake up,
Everday with this on the brain
So Imma say thanks
And Imma be on my way

Now I've got my head right
I can finally say goodbye
To all the lies, and the lonely nights
So Focused

Now I've made up my mind
You were just a waste of time
But now I'm fine
’Cause I'm focused you out of my life

I'm focus now
I'm focus now

[Zwrotka 2]
I never thought that
You would treat me
Like I'm just another girl.
Thought I was something to you
Something new
It’s me and you against the world
But now i see this wasn't real
Just another game try to play the field
So Imma let go
And Imma move on my own


I'm focus now
I'm focus now

Not concerned about
What nobody else gotta say
Just do what you do
’Cause they gonna talk anyway (Yeah)
Just stick with what you do
But remember to
Do it just for you
So dont even waste ya time
Keep it out ya mind
And stay on ya grind

I'm focus now
I'm focus now
I'm focus now
I'm focus now

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

I'm focus now
I'm focus now

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