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Yo, we need to talk.
here we go again.
what we need to talk about?
we need to talk about us and what's goin' on.
is there anything we need to talk about?
well, i been thinkin' i don't think i'm going
to be able to forgive and forget all this shit
you been doin'.
it just ain't workin'out.
you know you know i been thinkin to though you know i been
thinkin' you know what i been thinkin'the
person i got with ain't standin' in front of me
right now you know you don't a whole flippin
change on me.
yeah well guess what you done changed you all this shit you doin' how you
expect to be the same person i'm not the same person why? 'cause of the shit
you been doin'
just what the fuck are you sayin' then man?
what am i sayin?
yeah what the fuck are you sayin'?
i'm sayin' it's over.

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