When you're gone Bryan Adams

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di've been wandering around Gthe house all night
wCondering what the hell to do
i'm dtrying to concentrate but Gall i can think of is Cyou
well the pdhone don't ring cuz my fGriends ain't home
i'm tCired of being all alone
got the dtv on cuz the Bradio's playingG songs that remind me of you
baby when you're dgone   F - i realize i'm in Clove   G 
the days go on and don    F - and the nights just seemC so Glong
even food don't taste that dgood   F - drink ain't doing what it sChould   G 
things just feel so wdrong   B  - baby when you'rGe gone
i've been ddriving up and Gdown these streets
trCying to find somewhere to go
ya i'm ldookin' for a familiar Gface but there's no one i kCnow
dthis is torture -G this is pain
it fCeels like i'm gonna go insane
i hdope you're coming Bback real soon - cuz iG don't know what to do
Chorus (same as above)
Solo (The rhytm during the solo is same as for the verse)
Chorus, followed by:
[(G)]oh, baby when you're gdone    B 
yeah, baby when you're gFone - oh

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