Almost Said Carly Rae Jepsen

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I always want more
I’m never gonna get it
You’re gonna be the one
I never got that got away
And I’ll regret it
Just moment in time
But I can’t forget it
Yeah, we almost said it
If this is love, uuh
I should be dying
But I’m going downtown
Like I still care
Like I’m still trying
I said I was over you
But I’m lying
There, I almost said it
Every time you look at me
I say it silently
Oh, when will you wake up
And get it
This close, we almost said it
I know you’re not evil
So why do you tease me
Yeah, staying around
Here late at night
You don’t make it easy
It’s in my body language
Read me
We were this close
This close, yeah
And it’s like every time
You look at me
I say it silently
Oh, wake up, baby
Come and get it
This close, we almost said it
You say that you’re still not free
Well, I hear selectively
That still means somebody you might be
Oh, this close, yeah, yeah

You wrote me a song
I often play it
Depending on where
I am with you
I either love is or I hate it
We were just this close, but we couldn’t say it
We were this close

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