Tell Him Celine Dion

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  • Chwyty na gitarę 3EYE
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(gis) I'm scared
So afraid to (dis/Fis) show I care
Will he think me (E) weak    (cis)
If I tremble when I (B ) speak
(Dis) Oooh - (gis) what if
There's another one he's (dis/Fis) thinking of
Maybe he's in (E7+) love
(Fis/E) I'd feel like a (dis7) fool
(gis7) Life can be so (cis7) cruel
I don't know what to (B ) do
(E7+) I've been there
With my heart out in my (dis7) hand
(gis7) But what you must (D) understand
You can't let the (A/Cis) chance
To love him pass you by (E)
Should I
(A) Tell him
(fis7) Tell him that the sun and moon
Rise (D6) in his eyes
Reach (b7/E) out to (E) him
And (A) whisper
(fis7) Tender words so soft and sweet
(D7+) Hold him close to feel his heart beat
(b7) Love will be the gift (E) you (A) give yourself
(F) Love is (B7+) light that surely (e7) glows
In the (C/E) hearts of those who (d7) know
It's a (G7/B ) steady flame that (C) grows
(Gis) Feed the fire with (Cis7+) all the passion (c7) you can (f7)show
Tonight (b7) love will (Gis) assume its place
This (Cis7+) memory time c(Dis/F)annot (f7) erase
(b7) Your faith will lead love (Gis) where it has to (Fsus4) go (F)
Never let him go
G#m:  466444
dis/F#:  2x434x
C#m:  x24432
D#:  x65343 or x68886
Emaj7:  xx2444
Fis/E:  xx2322
D#m7:  x68676
G#m7:  464444
C#m7:  x46454
A/C#:  x4222x
D6:  xx0202
b7/E:  0x0201
Dmaj7:  xx0222
Bbmaj7:  x13231
Em7:  022030 or x79787
C/E:  xx2010
Dm7:  xx0211 or x57565
G7/B:  x20001
Dbmaj7:  x46564
Dis/F:  xx3343

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