Where Peaceful Waters Flow Chris De Burgh

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DRestless hearts, itA has been a longG time,            D 
OutG here on the journey, foDr a glimpse of paraedise,                  A 
IDt's getting Ahard to fhind a place to go,     G 
Where peaceful ewaters flow; A7        D            G  D  G 

DI took a walAk past the old saxoGn well,         D 
DGown by the cathedral, ID heard the chaepel bell,                 A 
DAnd joined the people sinAging far a way to goh,                 G 
Where peacefule waters flowA7;        D     [/]  G  D  G 

And if you don't know bhy now, you fisnever will,    G        D 
hOnly love cean find the door,       A 
If you could see it hnow, itfis's in yoGur hands,     D 
eOnly love can reach the shore, to heaven,             A 

ADlways,A she is standingG by my side,          D 
ShGe's my inspiratDion, and she's emy battle cry,       A 
DAnd in her arms isA the only place Ih know,          G 
Where peacefule waters flow;A7        D            G  D  G 

And if you don't know hby now, you fisnever will,    G        D 
Onlhy lovee can find the door,        A 
If you could see it hnow, itfis's in yGour hands,   D 
Onely loveA can reach the shore, foreverhmore,     fis       G   D 
Where peacefule waters floA7w...     D          G  D  G 

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