Road to hell Chris Rea

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Road to Hell - Chris Rea
a Well I'm standing by the river,
d But the water doesn't flow.
FIt boils with every poison -   E 
a You can think of.
a And I'm underneath the street light,
d The delight of joy I know,
FScared beyond belief,      E 
a Way down in the shadows.

CAnd the perverted fear of violence,
GChokes a smile on every face,
FCommon sense is ringing, out the bells            E 
a This ain't no technological breakdown,     d   
FOh-no, this is the road to Ehell.      a   

CAnd as the roads jam up with credit,
GAnd there's nothing you can do,
FIt's all just bits of paper,
EFlying a way from you.
a Oh look out world take a good look,
d Look who's down there,
FYou must learn this lesson fast, and leEarn it well.             a   
a This ain't no upwardly mobile freeway,  d   
FOh-no, this is the road,    E 
FThis is the road,  E 
FThis is the road E... to hell.  a   

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