Always Summer Coma

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The suffocating wind blows.
Winter's coming closer,
Thoughts are getting sad.

Who said?
Climate's moderate here!
The frost is really severe,
And it lasts over half a year.

Oh no!
Aimless is
A prayer for the sun's rays.
It makes me really depressed.
I'm crying out of hope.

You said
Move, pack your bags babe!
Let's get out of this place,
Direction is the happiness!

Sand in the shoes, little shells in the pocket.
Honey and fruits and tequilla for supper.
Your freckled nose, it is proof of betrayal,
A sign of your kisses with the sun, all these days.
I'm never gonna forget our suspension in the summer,
I'm never gonna forget this slow motion of time.
Even if winter is freezing my memory,
Even if gloomy November is breaking me down again.

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