Stay Danny

Can you hear my call
I have tried for so long
But you've been on the run
Here I'm left to figure out
Why you're not around
In this empty place of mine
'Cause all you ever gave
Was a momentary love

I can't find a reason
For your absentminded way

I don't know what to do
There's is to much pain
Holdin' on to you
And I have nothing more to say
I'm loving you in wain
You have to stay

Tryin' to fall asleep
But my mind's awake
'Cause all the things you do
Surround inside my head
I have never known home
Until we fell in love
Without your easy touch
I don't know where I belong

All my dreams will fail
There will be nothing if you leave

I'm out of loss
- I can't do right no matter what
I'm to confused
- I can't think anymore
Though it's obvious
- I can't live without you

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