Amazing grace Destinys Child

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This is for you Ms. Ann, who knows
With our Heavenly Father, who made the real commandments
[Destiny's Child] (Beyoncé)
Amazing gra-hey-hey-ace
How sweet (how sweet, sweet)
The sound (the sound)
(That saved) Saved
(Saved a wretch) a wretch
(Oh ho like me) Me, me me

[Beyoncé] (Kelly & Destiny's Child)
(I was) Was lost (lost)
Lost, lost (lost) (But now) But now
I'm found
[Beyoncé] (LaTavia)
(What you say girl?) But now
I'm found
(LeToya) [Beyoncé]
(They still can't feel you) But now
I'm found
[Destiny's Child] (Beyoncé)
Was blind, but now I see
Oooh... (ooh whoa, amazing)

Twas grace have taught
My heart to fear

[Kelly & Beyoncé]
And that grace my fears relieved
(My fears relieved, my fears relieved)

(Kelly) [Destiny's Child]
(How precious did... that grace)
That grace appear
In the hour, our first believed in you Lord, hey

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