Long Way Around Eagle-Eye Cherry

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You say what you say
And pray that one day
You’ll be seen between the shadows
Now, that’s waste of your pain
Living your life like a saint
When it don’t no, it don’t even matter
Even saints
Make their mistakes
Letting their dreams fall and break
Oh, it feels like living in sunshine
With the shades pulled down
Now I want you to see
How good life can be
You can turn it around
Better your life with the good times found
People will always take the long way around
Before you know it you’ll be lost and found
Living in the sunshine with the shades pulled down
People will always take the long way around
I’m not afraid of pride
When it’s for the right side
Don’t betray what I believe in
Stand where you must stand
And I’ll believe when I can
Because I’m telling you now
I’ve been where you’re living
Will tomorrow keep it’s promise
No one here can say
The past is all behind us
All we have is today
And all we have is today

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