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Hän katsoi maan reunalta tähteä putoavaa
 Nyt kanuiit kasvot neitosen peittää karu maa
 Jokaisen täytyy katsoa silmiin totuuden
 sillä aika ompi voittoisa, mut´ tämä maa on ikuinen

 There?s a place in the North, far far away
 Home of the wandering man
 Dreaming fells with skies so pale
 Calm is the glorious land
 Flames will send the sign to the sky
 that we have come to feast tonight
 The lakes are echoing with our song

 Enchantment of the fire and moon
 Lost in the whispering night
 The raven´s magic enthralls the woods
 Crawling in the sweet starlight
 We have gathered in this distant land
 full of wisdom, secrets and tales
 The morning will never rise again
 Roaming wolves are howling for the dead


 He watched a falling star, at the edge of the world
 Now the maiden´s beautiful face is covered in barren earth
 Everyone has to look into the eyes of the thruth,
 for time is victorious, but this land will always stay true

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