Cosmic love Florence and the machine

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FA falling star fell, Cfrom your heart, a and landed in my eyes
FI screamed Caloud, as it a tore through them,
FAnd now it's Cleft me ba lind

FThe stars, Cthe moon, a they have all been blown out
FYou leftC me in thea dark
FNo dawn, Cno day, a I'm always in this twilight
FIn theC shadow oa f your heart

FAnd ia n the dark, CI can hear your heartbeat

FI tried a to find the Csound
FBut thena it stopped, Cand I was in the darkness,
FSo daa rkness I Cbecame

GI took the Fstars from our eyes,G and then I made a a map
GAnd knew thatF somehow I cGould find my way ba ack
GThen I heard Fyour heart beating, Gyou were in the darkness a too
GSo I stayeFd in the a darkness with you

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