Be yourself Fugees

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[Lauryn - Singing]
Can you tell me how to to get to Sesame Street?
(Check it out, here we go!) - Wyclef
[Lauryn- Singing (Chorus)]
Be yourself (Just be yourself)
Easy as A-B-C (A-B-C)
Can't be no one else ( No one else!)
Just happy to be me! (Yeah! Yeah!)
Hey yo, the "A" is for achievement
[Prakazrel "Pras]
Hey yo, the "B" is for beneficent
And the "C" is for committment
And the "D" is for diligent
What about the "E", the "F", the "G", the "H", the "I", the "J?!"
I'm in my P.J.'s, I'm drinkin' O.J.! Ha Ha!
The big city, just like I pictured it (What?!)
Millions of people rushing around real quick (Real quick!)
Each one's originale, one of a kind, unique (That's right!)
So, kick back and listen while L-Boogie speaks (While L-Boogie
Not trying to be different, just doing they own thing (Own thing!)
So come on everybody, clap your hands and sing (Just sing!)
[Chorus 2x]
Hey yo, the "K", the "L", the "M", the "N", the "O", the "P"
for "Prakazrel" in the place to be!
Hey yo, the "Q's" for quiet
The "R" for riot
The "S", the "T", the "U", the "V's" for vowels (Vowels!) - Prakazrel
The "W", "X", the "Y", the "Z's" for Zorro! Yo! See you tomorrow!
Yeah, fly like an eagle...
Well it's the Fugees
On Sesame, clap your hands do a dance with L-Jiggity!
Now Snuffy and Big Bird are having a good time (Time!)
They're walking and gawking and trying to talk to a mime
here, in the square where they just seen it all
But they ain't never seen a yellow bird (What?!) seven feet tall!
(Seven feet
[Chorus 2x]
It's a lovely day in my neighborhood...
It's all good...
Prakazrel, L-Boogie up in here....
In my neighborhood
Refugee Camp Allstars....yeah....yeah

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