All for you Fun Factory

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I do it all for you
I hope you do it too
Let me be close to you
you know I'll find the truth
come on let's do it right
so let's be friends tonight
oh baby don't be shy cause I will do it
all for you for you girl
yes for you my heart is beating
what can I do
to fight the feeling
writing you letter
we're talking on the phone
I'm waiting in my room
and I'm waiting all alone
let me find the truth
let me be with you
Let me tell you that my love is real for you

check this out and I Think that I'm ready
don't you think this baby needs a daddy
for me girl yes for me this love is rising
straight from the heart and hypnotising
no hard word no compromising
no more fuss and no more fighting
all this beautiful love I show you girl
you're the finest girl in this whole wide world
I can't fight it yes it's true
all these things I do it all for you
come on let's be together you are my baby
this time it is I swear forever baby
This feeling is so strong
I know the time is right

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