We belong together Gavin DeGraw

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e     We beClong togeGther
e     Like the oCpen seas and Dshores
e     Wedded by the Cplanet forGms
      We've e all been sCpoken Gfor

G The hammer may strike
e     Be dead on the a ground

A nail to my hand
C A cross on his crown

G We've done it, but we're undone
e     Finished it, a but we are incomplete

As one we are everything
C      We aDre everything we need

We belong together…

G What good is a life
e With no one to share
a The light of the moon
C      The honoGr of a swear
      We can try to live the way in which you speak                        a   
e     Taste the milk of youre mother earth's love
      Spread the word of consciousness you see                        C 
C      We are Dare everything we need

We belong together…

(Akordy jak refren)

All this indecision
All this independent strength
Still we've got our hearts on save
We've got our hearts on save

(Akordy jak refren)

Someday when you're lonely
Sometime after all this bliss
Somewhere lost in emptiness
I hope you find this gift
I hope you find this gift
I hope you find this gift.

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