Day by day Golden Life

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Beauty day - sun and clouds
Come to see it, don't be late.
Running eagle in the sky.
Good decision - time for a date.

Give her a chance - you are right.
Mamma said to me: " Win or Die ".
Tell me daddy, let me know.
Save your frontline, hey let's go.

Get the sea into a spoon.
It's only summer, only you.
I love you, 1 need you.
It's only summer only you.

Let's go straight, but what for ?
Big escape - step by step.
I need a spark - Die - what for ?
Big escape - Hey let's go.

Take me Baby-love is a fight.
Kill or save me through the night
Catch me beasty-it's my soul- on the road

I wanna say - It's flying day by day
I wanna day by day.

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