Bleed Well HIM

intro e C D e C D

GYou had Ddemons to e kill within you screamiCng
GWith a Dgun loaded with e guilt you opened their eyCes
CLove preys the Dliving and b praises the dCead
CIn the heart of our Dhearts by b death we were Cwed

e C D G
DBleed well the soul you’re about to sell for passion deranged
e Kiss and tell, Cbaby we’re bleeDding well
e C D G
BlDeed well the heart you’re about to fail for reasons insane
e Kill and tell, Cbaby we’re bleedDing well…
e …In hell

G“NoD love lost undee r her will”, I heaCrd you weeping
GAnd on thoDse words a church was e built to keep the pain iCn
CIf death is the Danswer to b love’s myCsteries
CThen bleed on my Ddarling to the b sound of a dCream

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