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Bleed Well HIM

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

intro     e C D         e C D

G       D         e                     C
You had demons to kill within you screaming
G      D               e                       C
With a gun loaded with guilt you opened their eyes
C              D          b            C
Love preys the living and praises the dead
C                   D         b             C
In the heart of our hearts by death we were wed

e             C                    D        G
Bleed well the soul you’re about to sell for passion deranged
e             C                    D
Kiss and tell, baby we’re bleeding well
e             C                     D          G
Bleed well the heart you’re about to fail for reasons insane
e             C                     D
Kill and tell, baby we’re bleeding well…
…In hell

G        D              e                      C
“No love lost under her will”, I heard you weeping
G         D                     e                      C
And on those words a church was built to keep the pain in
C               D         b              C
If death is the answer to love’s mysteries
C                D              b           C
Then bleed on my darling to the sound of a dream

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