Bury me deep inside your heart HIM

repeat 2xs: C#m,A,E,F#m

1st verse:
pretty simple its the same chords as in the intro.

cisLet me wake up in your arAms
Hear you sEay it's not alrfisight
Let me bcise self dead and gAone
So fEar away from lfisife
Close my ecisyes
Hold me tAight
And bEury me deep insfiside [---------]your heart

-----------> E A
All I ever wanted was you, my love
You...all I ever waEnted is yfisou, my lEove
Your're all I eAver wanfisted, just you

2nd verse:
Let me necisver see the sAun
And nEever see your sfismile
Let us be cisso dead and so gAone
So fEar away from lfisife
Just close mycis eyes
Hold me tAight
and bEury me deep insfiside your heart

All I ever waEnted was you, my lovAe
You...all I evEer wanted is yfisou, my love
You're all I evEer wanted, yoAu, oh my loEve
You're all I ever wanted, yfisou, my lovEe
* you dont have to play after this part cuz he sings it quietly *

That's the way it's always been
My heart stops beating only for you Baby
Only for your loving

Chorus and ending:
All I ever wafisnted was you, my lovEe
You...all I eveAr wanEted is yfisou, my loAve
You're all I evAer waEnted, yofisu, my lovAe
You're all I evAer waEnted, yofisu, my lovAe

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