Fire in the booth James Arthur

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How do I create annotations?
You saved my life and I guess I always knew you would
Even when I wasn't me, still you understood
Even when I wouldn't change, you believed I could
You still love me, even though I was scum
I'm still breathing though I know I could be long gone
You're still here so I'm calling this your song
No fear, I know I finally found the one
I can't believe I stalled re-union you are a lum
From day one, you say that thin shredded good in me
It's frustrating, now I know you had to grit your teeth
No shift in blame but that other shit was blinding me
Baby you did such a hell of a job, findin' me
I spent an immature year while you prayed for me
Now your prayers have been answered, stay with me
Everybody knows you're way too good for me
But no-one else sees me like you see me
I'm jealous, I'm zealous
I'm aggressive, I'm possessive
I get it, I get it, i get it
Call medics
Pandemics erupting in conjunction with my function the constructure it is
I officially are deficient
The fact that your dismissive and passive and complicated with it
Is the reason why my patience occasionally sees it's limits
I close the door, build a zoot
Distract the anger
I wanna fight the alternative is important ganja
Medicinal purposes are the taste of the purple
I just wanna go home [?]
Cause these people drive me cray cray
Saying shit like cray cray
And I cray cray
Call em [?] tell 'em Chelsea smiles till the sun dies
Slap [?] till he's not so smart
Encourage teeters [?]
With the stiletto [?]
To see Gepetto, get his strings crossed and fuckin' rocked
I'm in a chauffered Benz
Look what the [?] pends
Is Chip rappin'
A bird shat in his cheap fashion
You get cheated on more times than [?]
Some people's sorrows and demeanors can deceive us
What they really want is a piece of your penis
All of the cleaners, get meaner by the second
Like a triple-gauged weapon of destruction
Turnin' of the assumptions and the many hundreds of haters on their buttons
No homo it's just crazy disrespectful of him
So I give this [?] a fuckin exercism
I pull his demons out
And then I shove them up his butthole
We'll see if this [?] holds
I guarantee this fucker never wants to mess with me
Cause in the end he takes a bullet like Zebedee
I like to beat em up
I'm giving ten million less fucks than Rita does
And that's a lot of fucks yeah thats a lot of fucks

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