All Dialed In Jason Mraz

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Marigolds and bougainvillea
Pressed against the fence
This might be my opportunity
To finally make some sense

Climbing towards the sky I gained a better understanding
About the sky in fact the sky starts on the ground here
So when I'm reaching up I'm really reaching out the boundaries
And I'm all dialed in
Cause we're all connected

It's a simple life today
No matter what they pay me
Playing is my reward
So take it easy on the world when
She's someone else's girlfriend
Taste her cake and see how she likes you

Climbing to the sky to gain the other common knowledge
Yeah your world is watching waiting from the wings
So when I'm singing out I'm really thinking how astounding it is
That we're all dialed in
We're all connected

Oh this spirit lies in Auld Lang Syne
And If you ain't here today you're just digging an icy grave
Bottle some hurt and fill in the dirt
And take them old marigolds away

Well, climbing to the top has never been my destination
Because the only way to stop is by jumping off
I don't need this microphone to address the nation
Cause I'm all dialed in
We're all connected

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