May This Be Love Jimi Hendrix

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May This Be Love by Jimi Hendrix

1st Verse
E        Waterfall nothing can h[fis7(add4)/E]arm me at all.
        My worries seemA(add2) so very small with my waterfEall.

2nd Verse
E        I can see my rainbow[fis7(add4)/E] calling me.
        Through theA(add2) misty breeze of my waterfEall.

D        Some people say day-dreaming's for Gis all Athe B huh!
B        Lazy minded foolsE5 with nuthin' all to do.
D        So let then laugh,A laugh at mA(add9)e.      Gis   G 
Fis (Spoken) So just as ling as I have you
D        (Sung) to see me thArough
        I have nuthin to lBose 'long as I have you.

3rd Verse
E(add9)  Waterfall, dont ever change[fis7(add4)/E] your ways, 
        fall with meA(add2) for a million days,
        oh my waterEfall. Esus4         E 


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