Colour all my days Limahl

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Every now and then comes a time
To say a little more that worlds
And dedicate it to the one we love
To demonstrate how much we cave

Just when we were maybe feeling low
I look some time to think things through
May I propose a toast to you and me
For fighting stormy weather
And keeping love together

Colour all my days
Shine for me always
Take a moment notice how you
Colour all my nights
With a thousand light's
Stay with me for just a lifetime more

Hearing this will come as no surprise
Relations hips are give and take
Ignoring what may seem is something small
Will offen be the big mistake

Come tomorrow is a brand new day
That will provide us with a chance
To put it down to the experience
Who said this love is over
You've only just begun to

Colour all my days....

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