Cannonball little mix

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d There's still a littleh bit of your Ftaste in myC mouth
d There's still a littleh bit of you laceFd with Cmy doubt
d It's still a little hahrd toF sayC what's gog ing ohn
d There's still a little bhit of yourF ghost, yoCur witness
d There's still a little hbit of your faFce I haven'tC kissed
d You step a hlittle closer eacFh day
CThat I can't say what'sg goingh on

FStones thaught me toC fly
FLove tauhght me to lCie
FLife tauhght me to dCie
So it's notg hard to falFl
When yhou've flown like a cannConball

d There's still a lhittle bit of yoFur song in mCy ear
d There's still a littlhe bit of your wordFs I long to Chear
d You step a lihttle closerF to meC 
g So closFe, I canh't see what's Cgoing on

FStones thaught me tCo fly
FLove tauhght me to Clie
FLife tauhght me to Cdie
So comeg on courage
Teach mFe to be shy
when yhou know that you just dCon't know

FStones thaught me Cto fly
FLove tauhght me toC lie

GSo come onC courage, teaDch me to be a shy
CauseG its not hard to fall
When Cyou've flown likeD a cannonball

GStones taugCht me to Dfly
GLove taughtC me to Dcry
So come on coGurage, teachC me to bDe shy
Cause its a not hard Gto fall
And I donC't wanna sDcare him

Itsa not hard tGo fall
And I don't wCant to Dlose
Its not a hard to fGall
When yCou've flown liDke a cannonball.

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