What a wonderful world Louis Armstrong

F g7 F g7 F

    I see treFes of graeen,
 B  red roses taoo
 g7  I see them blFoom
 A7  for me and ydou
And I think to myself,
g7/C what a wC7onderful wForb7+ld  B7+    C7  

   I see skFies of blaue
B   and clouds of whaite
   The brg7ight blessed dFay,
   the dA7ark sacred ndight
And I think to myself,
g7/C what a wC7onderful wForlBF 

The cC7olors of the rainbow,
so prFetty in the sky
Are C7also on the faces
of peFople going by
I see fridends shakin' haands,
sayin'd "How do you dao?"
d  They're really sC0aying
"g7I   lC0ove yg7ou"C7  

   I heFar babies cray,
 B  I watch them graow
g7  They'll learn much mFore
   than A7I'll ever kndow
And I think to myself,
 g7/C what a wC7onderful wForld,Dis9     D9  
   I thg7ink to myself, g7/C    
 C7 what a C7/9wonderfC7ul     wForld B6   F 

Fis Oh yFeah

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Jan Chryczyk
Jan Chryczyk

Informacje o Piosence

Piosenka została napisana specjalnie dla Louisa Armstronga. Miała być lekarstwem na rasizm i napiętą sytuację polityczną w Stanach Zjednoczonych.