Mowglis Road Marina & The Diamonds

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Cuckoob ! CuckooD! Cuckoo!G CuckoFiso!

b Ten silver spoons Dcoming Fisafter me b      D    Fis  

b One life with oDne dream Fison repeat b      D    Fis  

b I'll escape if DI try hFisard enough  b      D    Fis  

b D Fis b
'TFisill King of the Jungle calls my bluff

b (Oh, Lord) Oh, Lord, I have been tDold (I have beeFisn told)

b That I must take the uDnforsaken rFisoad

b There's a Fisfork in the DroaFis

b I do as FisI am DtolFis

And I db on't know, dFison't know, donD't know, donG't know

b Who, oohFis-ooh-ooh-oohD-ooh, I Fiswanna be

You say Y-E-S to everything
Will that guarantee you a win?
Do you think you will be good enough
To love others and to be loved?

(Oh, Lord) Oh, Lord, now I can see (Now I can see)
The cutlery will keep on chasing me

There's a fork in the road
I do as I am told
And I don't know, don't know, don't know, don't know
Who, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, I wanna be

FisWe are the spoons, metally mean

b We scooped our way into your dreams

DTo knock the knives out bloody cold

FisAnd lead you down the unforsaken road

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