Butcher Metric

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You're so handsome in this light, if only you'd reject me tonight
Darling there's no 'only way' when you come, please don't stay
We're so boring, we're so white. We've had too much 'so long'
Besides, what of freedom can I say when I smoke DuMaurier?

I'd learn to bend, learn to swerve
Learn to bend, learn to butcher

I could look wholesome in this light, brown and homely is lovely
Besides, where can we go wrong, we stray for nothing now.
So just once more fall for the stone, neglect the flesh to pursue the bone
Darling, beauty, daily bread

Say learn to bend, learn to swerve
(do it to make amends and do it over again)
Learn to bend, learn to butcher
Do it over

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