Beat It Michael Jackson

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e They told him, ?Don?t you ever come around here.D 
Don?t wannae see your face,
You better disappeaDr.?
The fireCs in their eyes and their words are reallDy clear
So bee at it
Just bee at it
e You better run
You better do whatD you can
Don?t wannae see no blood
Don?t be a macho mDan
You wannCa though
Better do wDhat you can
So bee at it
But you wanna Dbe bad

e Just beat (beat it)
DBeat it (Beat it)
e No one wants to be defeated         D 
Showin? hoe w funky and strong is your fight   D 
It e doesn?t matter who?s wrong or riDght
Just beae t it
Just beaDt it
Just beae t it
Just beaDt it
e They?re out to get you
Better leavDe while you can
Don?t wannae be a boy
You wanna be a man D 
You wannCa stay alive
Better do wDhat you can
So beae t it
Just beaDt it
e You have to show them that you?re really not scared   D 
You?re playie n? with your life
This ain?t no truth orD dare
They?ll kick Cyou, then they beat you, then they?ll tell you its fair          D 
So beae t it
But you wannaD be bad

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