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Wakacyjny Konkurs Śpiewnikowy
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Sanctified Nine Inch Nails

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it's still getting worse after everthing i tried
what if i found a way to wash it all aside
what if she touches with those fingertips
as the words spill out like fire from her lips

if she says come inside i'll come inside for he
if she says give it all i'll give everything to her
i am justified
i am purified
i am sanctified
inside you

heaven's just a rumor she'll dispel
as she walks me through the nicest parts of hell
i still dream of lips i never should have kissed
well she knows exactly what i can't resist

i'm just caught up in another of her spells
well she's turning me into someone else
every day i hope and pray that this will end
but when i can i'd do it all again.

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