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# From: "G.D. Parnaby" <93gdp@eng.cam.ac.uk>
t:Married With Children
# Use barre chords throughout, A forms for C, B, C#, and As in the choruse,
# E forms for E, G# and As in verses.

ETheres no Gisneed for you to Cissay you're sAorry
CGoodbye I'm gBoing Ehome
EI don't cGisare no more so dCont you woArry
CGoodbye I'm Bgoing Ehome

EI hate way that eveAn though you
EKnow you're wrong you saAy you're right
EI hate the books you read and alAl your friends
FisYour musics shite it keeps me up Gisall night


I hate the way that you are so sarcastic
and you're not very bright
You think that everythings you've done's fantastic
your music's s***e it keeps me up all night

E, G#, C#, A x 2

gisAnd it will be cisnice to be alone fAor a week or tEwo
gisBut I know thatcis soon enough I'll Abe right back Ehere with you
Ciswith you, Bwith you, wAith you, wGith you
Ciswith you, wBith you, wAith you, wGith you

ci:Then play the Chorus again but draw out the last three chord changes.

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