A Collection Of Poems About Water Of Montreal

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The crowd gathers the rain
The crowd gathers
inside the rain
The sky is green
Greener than a
gardener's dream
The grass is green
Together they sing

Gaily gaily glee
gaily glee gaily gaily glee
Green glass fish glide
cream colored glass

Umi ni ukande means floating on the sea
Me and my pussycat floating on the sea

There are blackbirds in rows behind the clouds
Pecking at the clouds
Poking holes in the clouds
Rain pours out of the holds in the clouds
When the clouds are empty
The birds climb inside and sing

I don't mind a rainy day
It doesn't make me blue like it's supposed to
Doesn't make me blue like it's supposed to
But I don't like this lonely life
It really makes me blue like it's supposed to
It makes me blue like its supposed to

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