One Of My Turns Pink Floyd

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C  e Day after day, love turns grey
  FLiCke the skin of a dying man
  CAne d night after night, we pretend it’s all right
  d But I have grown older and
  d You have grown colder and
  d NotG7hing is very much fun anymore.
  CAne d IF cCan feel one of my turns coming on.
  CI F7+ feel, e cold d as a razor blade
  d Tight as a tourniquet
  d DryG7 as a funeral drum
  DisRunB toDis thB e bedroom, in the suitcase on the left
  C7Youd B 217E7;lld fia nd d my a favourite axe
  B Don’t look so frightened
  DisThiB s is just a passing phase
  d One of my bad days
  B WouDisld B you like to watch T.V.?
  DisOr B get between the sheets?
  d Or contemplate the silent freeway?
  d Would you like something to eat?
  DisWould you like to learn to fly? Would you?
  d Would you like to see me try?
D G C Dis B Dis B d Dis B Dis B d
  a7 Would7 d yoCu Dislike to call the cops?
  DisDo you think it’s time I stopped?
  g(9) Why are you running away?

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