The Thin Icee Pink Floyd

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C Mamma loves her a baby
F And daddy loves you Gtoo
C And the sea may look a warm to you babe
F And the sky may look Gblue
COooGoooFoooCoooh a babe
COooGoooFoh Gbaby a blua7 e   a6    
COooGoooFoooCoh  a ooooD7ooh Gbabe
C If you should go a skating
On the Fthin ice of modern life G 
CDragging behind you the a silent reproach
Of a Fmillion tear stained Geyes
CDon't be surprised, when a a crack in the ice
FAppears under your Gfeet
You slip Cout of your depth a and out of your mind
With your Ffear flowing out behind Gyou
As you claw the thin ice

E D F E a
E D F E a
E D F E E fis G

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