The Thin Icee Pink Floyd

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CMamma loves her ba aby
FAnd daddy loves Gyou too
CAnd the sea may looa k warm to you babe
FAnd the sky may look Gblue
COoGooFooC/Gooooa ooh babe
COoGooFooC/Goh ba abya7 blua6 e  
COoGooFooCooa oohD7 ooGooooh babe
CIf you should ga o skating
OnF the thin ice of modern lifeG 
CDragging behind you the sia lent reproach
F7+ Of a million tear staineGd eyes
CDon't be surprised, when a a crack in the ice
FAppears under your fGeet
You slip Cout of your depth anda out of your mind
With youFr fear flowing out behind Gyou
As you claw the thin ice

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