Alive And Well Quiet Riot

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Headin down the wrong way
On a one way street
Lookin for love but it ain't
Lookin for me
I feel like a fool
But what do you expect
Life is to short to waste on regrets

Look at me now it must be
Hard to tell...

That I'm alive and well
I'm alive and well
And I'm here to tell
That I'm alive and well

Ten years later and it's all the same
No reason to bitch but I still complain
God only knows what God only knows
How can we find the key to it all

Lookin at me now it must be
Hard to tell...

Look out !

Closer to the truth the
Harder it seems
Hell if I know what
It's supposed to mean
With all the struggle that we endure
A little bit of faith could be the cure

Every time you think it's all
Going to hell... Remember...

I'm alive, you're alive
We are alive and well
And we here to tell
That we're alive and well
A little metal health
Is still alive and well

Get to the point, it won't take long
A little bit of faith is gonna carry on

The ride that we take is shorter
Than it seems
The good things in life don't have to stay dreams

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